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Queendom is a feminist brand

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The queen queens

You all rule in the Queendom

Our objective: spread the word

By spreading the word

By spreading the word

Fight for equality and need for representation.
Role models are a crucial empowerment tool and Queendom celebrates the achievements of great women, past and present.
By inspiring today's women to dream big, our goal is to lead them to achieve their full potential.

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By giving back

By giving back

Our brand aim to show girls all around the world they are unstoppable. 
We give much importance in participating in their empowerment by associating with local organizations.
Queendom will contribute to local organizations actions and initiatives in several countries.
Let's all be part of changes in girls and women's lives.

Read our article here to learn more about our commitment.

By creating a global conversation

By creating a global conversation

Queendom is a place for women to discuss. We invite them to create articles, photos and videos on the Queendom platform. Role models representations to grow a feminist consciousness.
Participate in the Queenversations!

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By providing meaningful products

By providing meaningful products

A range of products to spread strong messages. With a full collection of fragrances, makeup, skincare and textile you can express your feminist witt and your desire to be empowered and empower others.

Girls do it better!

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To illustrate our beliefs we partnered with Angelica Hicks, a British illustrator based in New York City.

Feminist, fun, satirical.

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