Queendom is a feminist brand.

Our mission is to empower and inspire girls through heartrending stories, that prove that women have a greater role to play in a future shaped by no one other than themselves.

We believe by active participation in a carefully curated group of associations and initiatives we can maximize the impact these women or girls have on their communities. This selection of associations and natives share the same values that fall close to the heart of QUEENDOM; they are dedicated to help, support, empower and foster both girls and women around the world. 

Below you find a few of which we work together with: 

Rêv’elles, is a French organization that helps girls with complex backgrounds to gain confidence in themselves and helps them in building and defining their aspirations to better pursue them. Discover more by clicking here

Malalay Afghanistan is also a French organization dedicated to building schools and infrastructures that help develop girls’ education in Estalèf, a small city located 50km away from Kaboul in Afghanistan.

The Girls Network is an English organization that is committed to empowering young girls by pairing them with mentors to eliminate stereotypes and helping them gaining confidence in their futures. Discover more by clicking here.

Girl Forward is an American organization dedicated to creating and enhancing opportunities for girls who have been displaced by conflict and persecution. Discover more by clicking here.

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